CannaQual MMJ evaluation clinic is temporarily closed until further notice.

For the past 3 years the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Board of Medical Examiners and Drug Enforcement Agency have collaborated to pressure MMJ physicians to limit their evaluations.

Although these agencies are evasive on establishing clear guidance on plant counts (the Colorado Constitution allows up to 99 plants as appropriate), they obviously have much lower limit in mind and they are now effectively attacking physicians with charges of 'unprofessional conduct' for granting higher count evaluations. These actions have a "chilling effect" on a physician's desire to continue these necessary recommendations.

One major effect of their actions is to force most patients into the highly taxed recreational marijuana market at a much higher cost to you (more money for them). Unfortunately patients needing larger amounts of plants for their medication will be unable to get it.

As an industry leader, our practice has effectively been closed through their efforts, depriving patients of the much needed medical services we offer. We are taking court action to fight these charges and preserve the rights of all Coloradans to obtain the MMJ medicine they need.

Please support us in our legal endeavor. Reach out to your congressmen and governor and let them know why you need higher plant counts for your medication. Hearing from the people of Colorado may slow down the State's effort to impose restrictions without the input of it's citizens. We will use this post to keep you informed of our progress.


Thanks in advance!


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